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#754 Berlin | 20.09.2016
Gang rape of underage girls, video recording, blackmail! 6 turkish-arab young men (five 17-year-old and one 26-year-old, Wael I.) rape a 16-year-old girl for days! They make it so drunk with vodka that they can rape it defenseless, filming the girl. The pupil cries loudly, on the records, she has to vomit several times, she is beaten, laughed at. She is raped for three consecutive days before being released from the apartment by the police. A year earlier, they had already raped a 14-year-old girl as a group, after one of the perpetrators, Mohammad S. (17), who had met her on Facebook, had the first - consensual - sex, photo and video chat Video footage made, with which it was blackmailed for sex with the group.   Wael I. says to the 14-year-old pupil: â € œThe intercourse was amicable, I had no knowledge of pressure and depression. I did not know that the person involved was being blackmailed into sexual acts with me. "He only wants to talk about the 16-year-old pupil when the audience leaves the auditorium. Anything else would hurt his â € œsexual sphere, â € his defender says. The court pointed out that S. did not pay attention to their personal lives when filming his presumed victims. The other five were silent. At the end of May 2018, a verdict should be issued.
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