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#427 Hamburg | 01.02.2017 - 21:38 o'clock
An Afghan (28) tries to stab his (separated) wife (26) backwards. He threatens her to cut off her head, to shake her. She grabs the knife, saves her life. Emergency surgery. Prehistory: The already formidable man He had actually obtained a court order contact ban. Because he agreed to donate organs to his daughter, it was relaxed. That's why he was in Hamburg. After a visit to a mosque, he went to his (ex) wife, who let in pure. The situation was relaxed. He offered to massage her. Then, sitting back on her thighs, he stabbed with a knife laid in front of him. The woman begged for her life, and that of her children. She reached into the knife, holding it tight. Out of blood, the killer had to vomit twice. He goes to the bathroom. The woman throws the knife aside so that the man can not see it anymore, and implores him again when he comes back. â € œThe defendant told her she was going to die anyway. If she survives, she should return to him, otherwise he would kill the woman's siblings, "the judge says, reiterating the threats. Verdict: The perpetrator is sentenced to 10 years in prison in November 2017. Should then be theoretically deported. The original police report said, "Yesterday evening there were supposed to be quarrels between the spouses, during which the 26-year-old attacked and injured his wife with a knife."
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