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Witnesses needed
Witnesses needed
#1836 Prien am Chiemsee | 29.04.2017 - 19:45 o'clock
Afghan Muslim Hamidullah M. (29) stabbed Farima S. (38) in the street in front of her two children (5, 11). He stabs the head and neck 16 times with a large butcher's knife. The quadruple mother dies in the hospital. The killer fled initially, but can later be overwhelmed and arrested despite fierce resistance. The victim, also an Afghan, converted to Christianity eight years ago and has lived in Prien for six years. The killer only recently. "My sister had to die because she became a Christian," one of the relatives said. The police are now looking in this direction! The offender had announced the act beforehand. He was angry about his imminent deportation. During the trial, he says he committed a sin and must be punished for doing so. He would agree if he was killed. But he would like to be held for ten or twenty years. "God (Allah) will decide if he forgives me." In February 2018, the perpetrator is sentenced to life imprisonment, stating the severity of the crime. Thus, a premature release after 15 years, although still legally possible, in practice, but almost impossible. The defense tried to persuade the court to at least renounce the particular gravity of the guilt, but failed. The perpetrator should have been deported a year before the crime, but with the help of his caregivers, he was deported.
#1833 Velbert | 16.04.2017
Palenstinenser (28) and Turk (24), to Richter: â € œYou are a Nazi! Â € â € œEight years? For what? For a fucking nigger? This is not justice! Â € â € œAllahu Akbar! Â € Both killed nearly one dark-skinned man (23) with 28 stab wounds in the course of a mass brawl between two groups of men in / before a sauna club. The elder brings him to the ground and stabbed him in the back, the younger man stabbed him another 27 times. The victim survives. The perpetrators are sentenced in January 2018 to 8 and 8.5 years in prison. They had been expelled from the session after interrupting the judge's remarks with interjections and injuring a court employee with a wooden gate. The presiding judge called the act â € œunconfidentâ € and rated it as revenge for previously suffered beatings. Apparently, the perpetrators had randomly picked and attacked a man from the opposing group. The victim had traveled with friends from Paris to Velbert. The defendants say that the opposing group - some dark-skinned Frenchmen - had previously "killed one of us half dead". According to the court, that would be exaggerated.Trade conflicts between the Turks and the blacks in Germany: â € œThey were so colorful. Well, I'm a foreigner myself, but you know what I mean, "the older offender described his victim's group.
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