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#452Dresden | 15.12.2009
The Pakistani asylum seeker Syed Asif Raza (32, but also 23, depending on the ID) slaps the high school graduate St. Benno High School Susanna H. from behind with a rolling pin, in the kitchen of his apartment, so that the inside iron bar bent .. The beat (s) were so severe that Susanna's scalp "was torn to the bone in three places," the coroner said. Since there were far worse details, he asked the family before the reading of his report to leave. After that he strangles you with a telephone cable. Victims and perpetrators were a couple for about 2 years. But when he married and wanted a child, Susanna separated from him. After the murder, he tried to flee to Britain and was arrested in Calais. Even while escaping, he calls the family and pretends to inquire about the girl's whereabouts. In 2010, he was sentenced to life imprisonment because Susanna H. was guiltless and defenseless, which is why he was found guilty by the court. The killer should have been deported at the time of the crime. The answer of the killer will be revision whose output is unknown. In the second half of 2012, he calls Susanna's family from prison (claiming he wants to talk to his lawyer there and has her mother on the other side, and says, â € œIâ € ™ ll be back in ten years I'll come back. "A few minutes later, he dials the number again, reaches the nurse, and tells her," I'll get your mother, I'll be back. "The family files a complaint and gets 6 months for this threat Punishable for at least 15 years ("lifelong").
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