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Witnesses needed
Witnesses needed
#5241 Velbert | 16.04.2017
Palenstinenser (28) and Turk (24), to Richter: â € œYou are a Nazi! Â € â € œEight years? For what? For a fucking nigger? This is not justice! Â € â € œAllahu Akbar! Â € Both killed nearly one dark-skinned man (23) with 28 stab wounds in the course of a mass brawl between two groups of men in / before a sauna club. The elder brings him to the ground and stabbed him in the back, the younger man stabbed him another 27 times. The victim survives. The perpetrators are sentenced in January 2018 to 8 and 8.5 years in prison. They had been expelled from the session after interrupting the judge's remarks with interjections and injuring a court employee with a wooden gate. The presiding judge called the act â € œunconfidentâ € and rated it as revenge for previously suffered beatings. Apparently, the perpetrators had randomly picked and attacked a man from the opposing group. The victim had traveled with friends from Paris to Velbert. The defendants say that the opposing group - some dark-skinned Frenchmen - had previously "killed one of us half dead". According to the court, that would be exaggerated.Trade conflicts between the Turks and the blacks in Germany: â € œThey were so colorful. Well, I'm a foreigner myself, but you know what I mean, "the older offender described his victim's group.
#5237 Hannover | 14.03.2017
The Iraqi Mahir Q. (32) has over-indebted, closes in February 2017 a Mobilarversicherung over 200,000 EUR and a month later lights his restaurant to cheat the insurance. He himself had tied his own feet and hid in the back so as to be out of the question. The petrol fizzled, but the explosion was stronger than expected and he might have taken it himself. There are student apartments above the restaurant. First Mahir Q. fooled to have become a victim of extortion (with Kalashnikov). The blackmailers would have set the fire. He was quickly exposed as an arsonist. He is accused of incendiary fire, forcibly causing an explosion, for insurance fraud and pretending to be a criminal. Verdict in November 2017. Punishment: two years imprisonment, suspended for probation !? The prosecutor demanded almost four years. The Chairman Reñna Bgelgel (63) on the issue: â € œMahir has fully redressed the act and shown himself repentant. He had a massive debt, was desperate. The realist literally: Mahir â € œhad shown a hell of acres of energy to do it all.â € â € œMahirâ € ™ s lawyer, Manfred Koch, also sees socio-cultural motives for the mad act on the subjective perpetrator's horizon: â € œMy high indebted client may not reveal his failure to the family, so he decided on a hot reorganization ". Once again, Judge Reñna Bgelgel (63): â € œWe have a valid social program for the defendant imprinted by the proceedings and the four months of imprisonment.â € â € œHe wants to be a truck driver. We wanted to allow him to do that. "Those who do the damage of around EUR 130,000 will not be reported. If you set fire to shell buildings of a tax-funded asylum center and damage them, causing property damage of € 107,000 and endangering anyone, you will be taken for four years for a xenophobic attack. In the name of the people.
Witnesses needed
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