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Witnesses needed
Witnesses needed
#268 Amsterdam | 31.08.2018 - 12:10 o'clock
Afghan terrorist Jawed S. (19, rejected asylum seeker, last residence in Rhineland-Palatinate / Germany) indiscriminately shoots two American tourists at Amsterdam Central Station with a knife and severely injures them. His motive: "insulting Islam in the Netherlands". It breaks out panic. The police shoot down the killer and take him to the hospital. A day later, the city administration announces that there is a terrorist motive. The Afghan was interrogated by an interpreter. One day before the attack, the Taliban called for terror against Dutch soldiers. A Pakistani (26) was arrested in The Hague for having announced in a video on Facebook that he was attempting to assassinate the Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders (54). The reason for this was Wilder's plans to hold a competition for caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Wilders had said a little later that he had stopped the competition scheduled for November. He didnâ € ™ t want â € œthat the contest â € œis used as an excuse for Islamist violenceâ €. The cartoon competition had provoked fierce protests in Islamic countries. UPDATE: The two Americans are seriously injured, but no longer in mortal danger. At the request of the Dutch judicial authorities, the German police carry out a search in the house of the offender. Multiple disks are confiscated. In which city in Germany the man lived, the police does not reveal. He had filed a complaint against a refusal of asylum claim that the suit had not yet been decided. In this respect, he has a "residence permit" in Germany.
Witnesses needed
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