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#46413Hamburg | 12.04.2018 - 10:50 Uhr
Man from Niger beheaded his child, stabs his ex-girlfriend (honor killings) and the press does not want to report! The Nigrer Mourtala Madou (33) stabs his ex-girlfriend Sandra P. (34) and his 2-year-old daughter on a platform. He stabs her from behind, sitting in the stroller, with a knife in his stomach, then almost severing her neck. He stabs his ex-girlfriend afterwards. According to police spokesman, he had "very targeted and very massive" stabbed at his two victims. The little girl died instantly, the woman could be revived, but passed away in the clinic. A witness from Ghana made a cell phone shot (video) of the legs / bodies (not the faces) of the two victims, clearly stating that the baby's head was cut off. The Hamburg blogger Heinrich Kordewiner shared the video posted on Facebook on his own Youtube channel, whereupon the apartment both the Ghanaians, as well as the Hamburgers of prosecutor and police, on 26/04/18, have been searched. Ostensibly to protect the personal rights of the victims. Since then, a handful of newspaper articles have appeared in the so-called lead media, who are worried that the video has been published, but not that the little child has been beheaded. The fact of the severed neck of the girl, is apparent from published files of the district court of Hamburg. A request by the AFD faction, the Hamburg Citizenship, (number 21/12844) regarding the nature of the child's injury, was blacked out by the Civil Law Office, BEFORE answering. This was the reason for a violation of the Data Protection Regulation.
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#46405Oberursel (Taunus) | 29.04.2015
The married couple Halil Ibrahim D. (m35, Turkish passport) and Senay D. (w34) are arrested for planned terrorist attack, presumably on the wheel classic "Round about the financial center Eschborn-Frankfurt". During the search of the apartment, the police found a ready-built pipe bomb and utensils that could be used to ignite a bomb. Furthermore, an assault rifle and live ammunition were secured as well as â € œconventions related to conservative Islamâ €. They were targeted by security agencies after buying an unusually large amount of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol at a Frankfurt hardware store in late March. They gave a false name. The man had been spotted exploring a forest near Oberurselâ € "just in an area meant to be a cycling race on May 1st. This was followed by the police access. â € œShe was completely covered. She even wore gloves, "the newspaper quotes a neighbor who lives in the opposite apartment. Halil D. moved to Hartz4 and was also involved in the car trade, which was apparently quite importunate; in one bag about 23,000 euros were found. Halil D. is acquitted in January 2018! The court is of the opinion that he had planned no attack and wanted to carry it out: neither with the finished bomb, nor with the ready-made assault rifle. His lawyers described the explosive device as a kind of "tinkering with youth". Thus, he is only convicted for offending the weapon and explosives counterfeiting and forensic evidence. D. was sent to the Psychiatry for a jusÂtic job. But an expert's report failed to detect any disability. In detention, he barred himself from talking about deradicalization.
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01.01.2000 - 21.05.2018


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