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With this form you can report a crime. Pay attention to little notes underneath every input field. If we are already aware of the crime, you will receive appropriate messages during the filling process. In that case, you do not need to resend the crime.

General information

Checking for duplicates
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Crime is already in the database

Source of the crime

Where did the crime take place? If there were several crime scenes, where did the main part of the crime take place? (The crime is later noted on the map at this location). Describe the place as accurately as possible. eg: "Munich, XYZ-Street"

When did the crime happen? If no details are given, enter an estimate. Time is optional.

If several criteria are fulfilled several options can be selected (with pressed CTRL key).

Beteiligte Personen

Optional. Pattern in the following form: [sex][age], where for "male", enter the letter "m", for "female" (weiblich in german) enter the letter "w". The age is entered as a simple number. Example: "w40" for a 40-year-old woman, "m" for a man of unknown age, "50" for a person of unknown gender.

Optional. Same formatting as with the offender

Optional. If several perpetrators of different nationalities are involved, then separate the individual nationalities with commas. For example, "AF,IQ" for an Afghan and an Iraqi offender. For example, if three Iraqis are involved, the identifier must also be given three times: "IQ,IQ,IQ". If only general phrases like "southerner" or "African" are used, then let the input field empty.

You can find a list of all ISO codes here.


Short summary of the happenings. The text should be between 125 and 225 characters long, but under no circumstances should it contain more than 300 characters. Current length: {{ what.length }}

Optional. Your email address, if we would like to contact you again.

Sollten Sie regelmäßig Straftaten bei uns melden wollen, so geben Sie bitte eine gültige Email-Adresse an. Wir setzen uns dann mit Ihnen in Verbindung und stellen Ihnen effizientere Eingabemöglichkeiten zur Verfügung, etwa einen direkten Account auf unserer Arbeitsplattform. Prüfen Sie daher auch Ihr Email-Postfach und insbesondere den Spam Ordner.