"This has been a mistake that will keep us occupied for a long time."

Horst Seehofer on the decision to allow refugees entering Germany uncontrolled.

We are not able to prevent the uncontrolled mass immigration of criminal refugees and migrants, coming to us under the pretense to seek asylum.

When these so-called "refugees", after having arrived here in Germany, then start to terrorize the population by stealing, beating up innocent people, rioting, sexually harassing women and girls, raping or killing, then all we are left to do is to learn to bear with this.

We can, however, document each and every one of these so-called "individual cases" and thus, bear witness to this process unique in German history in which the elected representatives of the people betray their own people. The state doesn't function properly anymore: No-go areas in big cities, shariah police patrolling the streets, honour killings and other excesses of parallel societies show this to us every day.

This archive portrays the effort to document systematically the failure of the government with regard to refugees, migrants and integration. The collected data is provided for the public with indication of sources to give everyone who is interested the possibility to see for themselves the disastrous and unacceptable state Germany is currently in.

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Every crime is verified by a reputable source. Circumstances of the crime, location, date, nationality of the perpetrator, as well as age and gender of both the perpetrator and victim, are noted for each record. In addition, each source is archived to order to prove the authenticity of the report in the event the original page is censored.
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Crimes by relevance

Date Crimes City
19.12.2016 The Tunisian Anis Amri (24) is driving to a Christmas market with an abandoned saddle truck, killing 12 people, injuring dozens. [Machine translated] Berlin
22.07.2016 The 18-year-old German-Iranian Ali Sonboly is killing nine people in an amok raid - at least 36 people are injured - after his deed the perpetrator kills himself [Machine translated] München
25.07.2016 Syrian (21) adds a deadly head injury to his girlfriend (45) with a 60cm-long doen-knife, then attacks another driver (51) and a man (23) [Machine translated] Reutlingen
10.11.2016 Foreigner (about 40) overloads a lingerie business and kills the owner (39), so that she suffered a life-threatening injury - with the last force she could haul bloodstrope to a neighboring business -Taeter fleeting [Machine translated] Tuttlingen
25.03.2015 Afghan (18) kills his girlfriend (21) after an argument - Paramedics declared the woman dead on the scene. [Manually translated] Hamburg
30.04.2016 Attempted rape: An Afghan asylum seeker (16) groped a girl (17), pushed her to the ground, tried to take her clothes off and have intercourse. [Manually translated] Esslingen am Neckar
10.11.2016 The foreigner (about 40, broken German) injured in a raid on a lingerie business the owner (39) life-threatening, by a Schlagwerkzeug on her head - the woman suffered cuts on the upper body [Machine translated] Tuttlingen
27.10.2016 Rumaene (22) without fixed residence in Germany stabs a woman (41) several times with a knife - the woman was immediately taken care of in a hospital and has now been arrested [Machine translated] Gelsenkirchen
23.03.2016 A Syrian (19) has been arrested because he joined the organisation "Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria" and had taken on several tasks there. [Manually translated] Karlsruhe
24.04.2016 A Syrian refugee (29) sexually harassed a girl (8) on the street. During the investigation, it was found that the Syrian had also sexually harassed another girl (9), in a store, and asked her to accompany him. [Manually translated] Freiburg im Breisgau
12.01.2016 An Iraqi (28) man sexually attacks a woman (28). He pins her against a wall, kissing her neck, fondling her through her clothes and touched her inappropriately. The woman, weakened due to low blood sugar, wasn't able to fight her offender off . Plainclothes policemen intervened and arrested the man. [Manually translated] Dortmund
01.09.2016 In an asylum center a 31-year-old woman died after having suffered third-degree burns to her body. Her husband doused her with flammable liquid and set her on fire, killing himself in the process. He was known to the police for domestic violence. The case is under investigation. [Manually translated] Rüdesheim am Rhein
14.04.2015 A 17 year old Afghan student stabs another Afghan, the same age as the attacker with a knife. The victim received life treating injuries and died on the crime scene shortly afterwards. Police is investing a homicide. [Manually translated] Hamburg
24.04.2016 An Iraqi (24) pours boiling hot water over the head of his sleeping wife (18) - then he injures her severly by massive strokes on her head. It is assumed that the young woman intended to break up with him - she was taken to a specialty hospital and still isn't fit to be questioned. [Manually translated] Mainz
05.12.2016 Afghan refugee (31) arrives at his wife (21) in his accommodation, and places her life-threatening injuries-an emergency operation rescues the woman-farewells [Machine translated] Weil im Schönbuch


Researched reports on topics such as parallel societies, no-go areas, islamification, crime, refugees, deprived areas, refusal to integrate, etc. You can use the contact form to submit own suggestions of topics for upcoming articles.


Criminals wanted by police. Whoever can provide relevant information on the persons shown please contact the appropriate police department directly.
Wer kennt diesen Täter?
21-jähriger Albaner wird nach versuchtem Tötungsdelikt gesucht. Wer kennt den Aufenthaltsort?
Wer kennt diesen Täter?
Der Gesuchte forderte wiederholt eine 18-jährige Frau auf, sich einer islamistischen Gruppe anzuschließen und bei der Begehung von Straftaten zu helfen.
Wer kennt diesen Täter?
Der Gesuchte überfällt mit einem Komplizen eine schwanger Frau und rauben sie aus.
Wer kennt diesen Täter?
Der Gesuchte bedrohte eine Frau mit dem Messer und raubte mit einem Komplizen deren Geldbörse.

latest entries

A list of the latest reports which have reached us. If you have knowledge of relevant reports, you can send them to us by using this form. Currently there are 18220 crimes in our database. 10986 known crimes are pending for viewing.
Date Crimes City
23.01.2017 In a Gambier (51), the police found four Gambian and Guinean passports as well as several birth certificates and identity papers, which were issued for other personalities. [Machine translated] Kehl
23.01.2017 Federal police arrested 31-year-old Moroccans. [Machine translated] Frankfurt am Main
23.01.2017 Drug traffickers watched two Afghans (18, 26) when they sold. [Machine translated] Hamburg
23.01.2017 Libyan (22) without a ticket, a 58-year-old man rucks his backpack from the train compartment. [Machine translated] Gießen
23.01.2017 Eritreer (34) travels without a ticket, insults the train attendant at his demand, becomes aggressive and steps the trainman in the back. [Machine translated] Köln
23.01.2017 Slowake (45) poisoned and insulted the employees of the station mission in an aggressive form. [Machine translated] Köln
23.01.2017 25-year-old Algerian asylum seeker sets out for a criminal offense abroad - he was arrested at the airport after being returned - he is spared a 30-day prison sentence after payment of the fine [Machine translated] Langenhagen
23.01.2017 Unknowns break into an apartment and rob jewelry and watches worth several thousand euros - a witness was noticed by a deaf and nervous Eastern Europeans [Machine translated] Stuttgart
23.01.2017 He was arrested by a Kurdish drought solder - he was guarantied a heroin (22.5 g) portioned for street sales and a presumed dealfair of 2,312 euros [Machine translated] Hamburg
23.01.2017 Woman (about 45-50, presumably Suedlaenderin) asks a senior (90) to use his toilet and steals his money bag and a model locomotive from the apartment [Machine translated] Stuttgart
23.01.2017 A dark-haired man (about 30, speaking English) pursues a young woman (25), sexually harassing her and engulfing her - the scared and shocked woman can save herself in the car of a witness who drives her home [Machine translated] Minden
23.01.2017 After a common colliery, his five Eastern European chauffeurs escorted his reflex camera, mobile phone and jacket, to a 27-year-old student. [Machine translated] Balingen
23.01.2017 Two Russians with French refugees fled the six-seated Chechen family. [Machine translated] Niesky
22.01.2017 Two Algerians (26.37) first steal the mobile phone from a 20-year-old man and then break into a nail studio. [Machine translated] Münster
22.01.2017 The civil strife was ruled by two Albanians. [Machine translated] Lörrach