Refugee crimes in Germany (16.01.2017 - 31.01.2017)

All cases mentioned originate from reliable sources (police reports, among others) and have previously been checked by us for their authenticity. This list is incomplete and reveals only a small extract of all crimes that happen on German streets every day. Due to a lack of translators, at the moment we can only provide a subset of all crimes in English.

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16.01.2017 - 31.01.2017

Date Crime City
16.01.2017 Four Afghans (17-18) and a Moroccan (15) block the path of a cyclist (32), verbally abuse him, punch him in the face and steal his bike - the victim was able to get his property back and escape.original police report Bielefeld
17.01.2017 Man (30-35, almost black skin-color) grabs an 11-year-old between the legs from behind in a tram, while a dark-skinned woman with a pram (presumably his wife) stands alongside.original police report Magdeburg
18.01.2017 Refugee (21) from Syria is found after a break-in at a recycling yard with a flat screen TV and is arrested. Other electronic equipment is found in the room of his lodgings. The perpetrator was released.original police report Schönaich
18.01.2017 30-year-old asylum seeker arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse - according to the current state of investigations he is believed to have raped a 31-year-old female from Dortmund in her apartment. original police report Dortmund
18.01.2017 Federal police detain six North Africans (16-28) from Algeria and Morocco travelling without tickets - arrest wants had also been previouslöy issued for two of the men on charges of theft and assault. They were transferred to a correctional facility. original police report Dortmund
18.01.2017 After destroying the security labels, two "refugees" (20, 22) steal goods in a clothing store worth several hundred euros - the culprits were temporarily detained.original police report Soest
18.01.2017 Moroccan (16) tries to steal the purse from the handbag of a 34-year-old woman on a train station platform. The woman noticed. It came to a tussle, during which the 16-year-old pushed the woman onto the train tracks and fled. The perpetrator was able to be identified and arrested.original police report Hamburg
19.01.2017 Nearly 500 grams of hashish with a street value of several thousand euros were found during a routine identity check of a Moroccan (34).original police report Frankfurt am Main
20.01.2017 A Moroccan (38) is arrested as he attempts to empty his drug stash. He became so violent during the arrest that a police office lost part of a fron tooth. original police report Frankfurt am Main
20.01.2017 Two Algerians (23, 29) are found, during an inspection, to be in possession of cocaine, hashish, ecstasy tablets as well as drugs money in small bills to the value of several hundred euros. A subsequent search of the accommodation yielded even more drugs and money.original police report München
20.01.2017 Algerian (22), known to police, steals the wallet from the back pocket of a 36-year-old and then assumes an aggressive combat stance when the victim demands his property be returned.original police report Hagen
20.01.2017 Witnesses notice the broken window pane of the front entrance to a clothing shop. The burglar fled at that moment. They were able to pursue, capture him, and hand him over to police. The Tunisian (18), who was known to law enforcement, was taken before a magistrate. original police report Hamburg
20.01.2017 Two Syrian asylum seekers (18, 22) tie and gag a countryman in an asylum seeker shelter and kill him with a knife. They didn't want him to reveal the planned killing of another shelter inhabitant who was to be robbed. Charged with joint murder.original police report Zapfendorf
21.01.2017 Algerian (23) and accomplice accost a 19-year-old and steal her the wallet and smartphone - one culprit is arrested, investigations are initiated on the grounds of particularly serious theft.original police report Bochum
21.01.2017 Two Moroccans (16, 16) were able to be arrested by plain clothed police just 15 minutes after being notified of the theft of her mobile phone by a young woman. Criminal proceedings were initiated.original police report Hamburg
21.01.2017 Arab (approx. 25-35) approaches a woman (27) from behind, puts his arm around her shoulder and tries to hold on to her - when the woman defends herself, he hits her several times in the face - the victim is able to escape and seek refuge in a restaurant.original police report Friedrichsdorf
21.01.2017 A Sudanese (20) riots and insults passersby. He's strongly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is extremely aggressive and damages glass and segments of wall in the station. Despite using mace, the police are unable to contain him.original police report Lüneburg
22.01.2017 Two Algerians (26, 37) first steal the mobile phone from a 20-year-old man and then break into a nail studio. An attentive witness prevented their escape and was able to restrain them until the police arrived. They were brought before a magistrate.original police report Münster
22.01.2017 Two women (22, 23) are watched by two Algerians (22, 23) over the dividers of the bar toilets. On leaving the toilets they were touched on their breasts by two other men. The police were able to arrest three Algerians (22, 23, 24) as suspects.original police report Schweinfurt
22.01.2017 An Algerian (37) stabs a Russian-born man (22) in the chest with a knife. He requires an emergency operation. Arrest the next day.original police report Dorsten
22.01.2017 Asylum seekers (28) stab a countryman (31) in the neck with a knife during dinner, severely injuring him. The offender is brought before a magistrate on the charge of attempted murder.original police report Rheinberg
23.01.2017 Dark-skinned man (about 30, speaking English) pursues a young woman (25), sexually harasses her and grabs her hair - the frightened and shocked woman is able to seek refuge in the car of a witness, who drives her homeoriginal police report Minden
23.01.2017 During a dispute at a refugee shelter a 26-year-old Syrian attacks and clubs a 21-year-old Afghani with a wooden plank studded with nails. The Afghan was taken to a clinic with serious injuries. The Syrian was brought before a magistrate.original police report Simbach am Inn
23.01.2017 Two Moroccan "refugees" (26,19) attack two asylum seeker shelters employees with a metal bar and a beer bottle. A further Moroccan (27) goes on a rampage and beats up a countryman.original police report Sigmaringen
23.01.2017 A Moroccans (40) is arrested at an airport in Morocco following cooperation between the Federal Criminal Police Office and Interpol - the serial offender had committed multiple robberies in Germany, in addition he had a prison sentence of 427 days remaining.original police report Offenbach am Main
24.01.2017 Two asylum seekers (23, 26) steal the mobile phone from an18-year-old, with a knife. They were able to be caught later, still had the phone on them.original police report Trier
24.01.2017 Two Iranians (22, 36) attack a 15-year-old teenager, his companion (15) as well as a bystander who intervenes. The teenager receives savage kicks to his upper body and head while lying on the ground. Investigations are opened on charges of attempted manslaughter and grievous bodily harm.original police report Forchheim
24.01.2017 Police officers searched several rooms of a refugee shelter - arrested a suspected drug dealer (47) from Africa - a kilogram of marijuana and several hundred euros in cash were also securedoriginal police report Freudenstadt
24.01.2017 In the apartment of a man (24) from Gambia, a total of three globules of cocaine, seven packets of marijuana and 2,600 euros of alleged dealer money were secured - the offender and two other suspects from Gambia were taken into custodyoriginal police report Hamburg
24.01.2017 Man from Somalia (26) sexually harasses several women - in addition he exposes himself in a hospital to a 60-year-old woman and demands that she touch his penis. He is taken into custody for 3 days in order to prevent further crimesoriginal police report Gießen
24.01.2017 Police officers search the rooms of ten Gambian residents at a refugee shelter, which results in large amounts of cash, approx.1200 grams of marijuana and about 700 grams being secured - two Gambians (21, 26) were arrestedoriginal police report Müllheim
25.01.2017 Two Algerians (27, 30) and a Moroccan (17) stimulate jostling in a crowd and steal the smartphone from a passenger (44) - plainclothes officers observe the scene and arrest the three culprits.original police report Dortmund
25.01.2017 Five men (18-20) from Guinea and Gambia were arrested after selling marijuana to consumers - 13 bags of marijuana and 275 euros of presumably dealer money were securedoriginal police report Hamburg
25.01.2017 Moroccan16) who is known to law-enforcement steals the mobile phones from a man (33) and a woman (31) - plain-clothed officers arrest him as he attempts to sell the stolen goods, but release him once police registration procedure has been completed.original police report Hamburg-St. Georg
26.01.2017 Refugee (21) from Gambia brutally beats up a countryman, so badly that he temporarily loses consciousness - a German Railways employee intervenes and prevents worse - the offender was already known to law enforcement for theft, robbery, and assault.original police report Karlsruhe
26.01.2017 After the publication of two photographs, a Tunisian (22), who in four cases had attacked women at night, turns himself in. He is brought before a magistrate.original police report Karlsruhe
27.01.2017 Man (about 35, foreign language) pursues a young woman (24), touches her in the chest area and later grasps her underneath her coat from behindoriginal police report Bonn
27.01.2017 While a woman (18) was tending to her baby in its pram, a Moroccan (16) seized the opportunity and stole her smartphone from her jacket pocket. An investigator witnessed the theft and took the youth into temporary custody.original police report Hamburg
27.01.2017 Pakistani (21) uncovers his genitals in front of an 18-year-old women in a regional express train and starts masturbating. Federal police arrested him upon arrival of the train. A criminal investigation was open on charges of exhibitionist acts.original police report Essen
27.01.2017 Two Moroccans (17,19) and an accomplice steal the smartphone from a 16-year-old female. A federal policeman is able to arrest them at the scene - the 19-year-old was already known to police in relation to seven pickpocketing offences.original police report Dortmund
28.01.2017 Moroccan (40) sexually harasses a woman in a suburban train, gropes her buttocks and rubbed his leg against her - the perpetrator is standing trial in a fast-tracked procedure.original police report Düsseldorf
28.01.2017 Iraqi (21) stabs a bouncer during a scuffel twice in the back with a knife. Victim is taken to hospital with serious injuries. He had previously denied the offender and two companions access to a bar.original police report Köln
29.01.2017 Iraqi (25) pats down a sleeping man for five minutes, then steals his wallet from his jacket pocket - perpetrator is captured by detectives but then released again after registration by policeoriginal police report Hamburg
29.01.2017 Asylum seeker clobbers a visitor to the refugee shelter and snatches his shoulder bag. When the victim tries to reclaim his bag in the perpetrator's room, he is threatened with a knife.original police report Sigmaringen
29.01.2017 Two Moroccans (20, 26) steal a 26-year-old woman's backpack out of her bicycle basket and flee. Witnesses pursued the thieves and police were ultimately able to arrest them.original police report Münster
29.01.2017 Moroccan (39) is observed pickpocketing a 19-year-old woman by a plain-clothed officer and is subsequently arrested. The cook is already known to the police and was remanded in custody by investigation service of the federal police.original police report Hamburg
30.01.2017 Somalian (29) travels on a train without a ticket and is handed over to the federal police by the conductor. The officers also find a stolen credit card on the African. Criminal proceedings were initiated.original police report Gießen
30.01.2017 Algerian (28) steals s folding bicycle from a woman (50) - the stolen property is discovered by chance during a search of his lodgings - the perpetrator had already been brought to the attention of police 8 times for traveling without a ticket and pickpocketingoriginal police report Essen
31.01.2017 Nigerian (33) refuses to buy a ticket in a bus. When the police arrive, he unexpectedly punches a 32-year-old officer in the face and bites him in the arm. He was able to be arrested.original police report Gütersloh