Refugee crimes in Germany (01.01.2017 - 15.01.2017)

All cases mentioned originate from reliable sources (police reports, among others) and have previously been checked by us for their authenticity. This list is incomplete and reveals only a small extract of all crimes that happen on German streets every day. Due to a lack of translators, at the moment we can only provide a subset of all crimes in English.

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01.08.2016 - 31.08.2016
01.01.2017 - 15.01.2017
16.01.2017 - 31.01.2017

Date Crime City
01.01.2017 Moroccan (33) is observed reaching into a handbag in a disco. The security service handed the perpetrator over to the police.original police report Bielefeld
01.01.2017 A young woman visited a youth residence to meet her boyfriend. As she didn't find him she spent some time with two young men. The next day she went to police suspecting there may have been sexual activity against her will. She herself has no recollection. The two asylum seekers were taken before a magistrate, who issued an arrest warrant.original police report Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz
01.01.2017 Dark-skinned man (ca.25-30) - spoke English with strong accent - tries to kiss 19-year-old woman on the mouth, then he takes her by the neck and tries to push her down. The woman could free herself and escape.original police report Trier
01.01.2017 An iraqi man (23) commits a sexually motivated attack on a young woman. Although the victim recognizes the perpetrator, he is is set free again ...original police report Glücksburg (Ostsee)
01.01.2017 North African male (broken German) molests a young woman (20), grabs her thighs and crotch, holds on to her and tries to kiss her on the mouth against their will. As passers-by come to her aid, the perpetrator flees.original police report München
01.01.2017 North African male (with broken German) stalks a female student (28) and gropes her from behind in the crotch - the police, who were alerted, were not able to find the culprit.original police report München
01.01.2017 A Moroccan (36) is arrested during a random identity check. There had been an open warrant for his arrest with charges aggravated robbery After he was presented to a judge, the prisoner was taken to a correctional facility.original police report Dresden
01.01.2017 A Moroccan (24) in a pub indiscriminately lashes out around himself with a broken-off bottle, injuring one man on the hand. A small amount of narcotics is found during his arrest.original police report Uelzen
01.01.2017 Two African "refugees" (21, 35) violently attack eachother. The Somali smears his blood on the Nigerian's clothing and threatens to "give everyone AIDS" - is admitted to a psychiatric ward.original police report Neuruppin
01.01.2017 Three men (18, 19, 26) from Algeria and Afghanistan try to rob several people at the main train station. They are detained as they try to steal from an undercover investigator. Due to insufficient reasons for arrest they are released.original police report Köln
01.01.2017 Three Afghans (19, 21, 37) grope the buttocks of an 18-year-old woman in a discotheque. The three perpetrators were highly uncooperative with police officers and therefore had to be taken into custody afterwards.original police report Augsburg
01.01.2017 Sexual abuse by a Pakistani asylum seeker (24). He raped a woman (46) on her way to work. Arrest warrant has been issued and the asylum seeker has been sent to a detention center.original police report Regensburg
01.01.2017 An Iraqi (31) is observed by a witness pulling down down his trousers and underpants and showing his member to several women.original police report Augsburg
01.01.2017 A North African (approx. 25 y.o.) molests a 24-year-old woman on New Year's Eve. He tried to kiss her and repeatedly touched her indecently through her clothes. She managed to break free and run.original police report Freiburg im Breisgau
02.01.2017 An Algerian (22) is observed by plainclothes officers dealing drugs and is arrested. During their search they found 44 packed envelopes, each containing approx. one gr. of marijuana. After completing his registration, they released the suspect, as there were no grounds for arrest.original police report Kassel
02.01.2017 Police officers find several blocks of hashish, two amphetamine capsules, and several thousand euros of suspected dealer cash on two Tunisians (19, 27) and one Algerian (19) - Arrest.original police report Reutlingen
02.01.2017 Two black Africans (20, 21) rampage and harass women in an asylum seekers shelter. They became very aggressive and could not be calmed down, so were therefore taken into custody to avoid further disturbances.original police report Gosheim
03.01.2017 Eritrean (25) steals a backpack from a 21-year-old and flees. The victim takes up pursuit and, with the help of a passer-by, is able to subdue him. The perpetrator was arrested on the spot and is being presented today to the investigating judge.original police report Augsburg
03.01.2017 Eritrean (22) travels without a valid ticket and headbutts a railways employee as the tickets are being checked. He was able to be restrained and handed over to the federal police.original police report Frankfurt am Main
04.01.2017 Algerian (29) is observed pickpocketing and is immediately arrested by a plainclothes officer. The 29-year-old is known to police for similar offences. He was charged and released.original police report Bremen
04.01.2017 Tunisian (28) is arrested by police officers in his car shortly after a robbery. His accomplice was able to flee. As he carried a knife ready at hand, the investigation is into armed robbery.original police report Mannheim
04.01.2017 43 Mobile phones, several laptops and a large amount of cash are found in the luggage of a 45-year-old Moroccan. Some of the devices had been reported as stolen. The thief was arrested.original police report Berlin
04.01.2017 An Algerian (29) is caught pickpocketing in a pub and is restrained by a witness until arrival of the police. The repeat offender confesses and is brought before a magistrate. He is imprisoned until trial.original police report Bielefeld
04.01.2017 52-year-old woman is tricked with false promises out of a six-digit sum of money. After she confided in police, a Liberian (41), who served as a bagman, was arrested and remanded in custody.original police report Waldshut-Tiengen
04.01.2017 Because children confided in their mother, a Pakistani (27) was able to be arrested for the providing cannabis to minors as well for the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl. The perpetrator is in detention awaiting trial.original police report Brannenburg
04.01.2017 A man from Guinea (21) is observed dealing drugs and is arrested. As the 21-year-old had already attained notoriety in the past with drug offences, he was taken by drug squad officers to a magistrate. original police report Hamburg
04.01.2017 Ghanaian "refugee" (29) claims to have been beaten by staff at an asylum seekers shelter. In actual fact however, he himself had attacked an employee - perpetrator in a clinic.original police report Dortmund
05.01.2017 A Moroccans (17) breaks into a house with his accomplices and steals a four-digit sum of money, a laptop, and a tablet. The delinquent was able to be caught and was taken to a juvenile detention facility.original police report Harrislee
05.01.2017 A Tunisian (41) is arrested by investigators for violation of the Federal Narcotics Law. It turned out that criminal proceedings had also been initiated against him on charges of theft and assault.original police report Plauen
05.01.2017 Three asylum seekers (20-21) from Algeria are strongly suspected of having set fire to their lodgings - an arrest warrant is filed for on grounds of the particularly serious arson. The reason apparently was the dissatisfaction of the accused with their accommodation situation at the facility.original police report
06.01.2017 A 16-year-old girl is followed, caught and indecently touched by two men (approx. 30). She then ran to a house and drew attracted attention. The perpetrators, one with a mediterranean-like appearance, neither able to speak German, fled. original police report Linden
06.01.2017 Security service at an asylum seekers shelter notifies the police of marijuana odour coming from a room. A total of 20 packets of marijuana were found in the possession of 2 Gambians (21.26). Criminal charges for violation of the Federal Narcotic Law were laid against both suspects. An arrest warrant was issued for the older of the two, who is suspected of dealing drugs. original police report Waldshut-Tiengen
06.01.2017 Syrian male (13) sexually harasses schoolgirls by grabbing their buttocks. The perpetrator was accompanied by other Syrian classmates. -All persons concerned were suspended from school for four weeks.original police report Schwerin
07.01.2017 Five Moroccan asylum seekers (19-30) harass several passengers in a train, trying to steal from them. A toddler was also kissed on the forehead. The drunk offenders only reluctantly complied with police officers.original police report Villingen-Schwenningen
07.01.2017 A Moroccan (26) is caught shoplifting twice. A third attempt remains just that. He was taken into custody to prevent further thefts. After close of business he was released.original police report Schleiden
07.01.2017 Two North African offender "refugees" (20, 19), already known to police from numerous earlier theft- and violent crimes, once again attempt to steal a cell phone, but are thwarted by railways workers. A criminal investigation has been initiated.original police report Bochum
07.01.2017 An Algerian (34) is accused of having molested a 13-year-old student - the girl stated that the offender had initiated conversation with her earlier and then harassed her - the man was arrested, but was released again shortly afterwards.original police report Wolfsburg
07.01.2017 Because they do not want to move to another asylum seekers shelter, due to a power failure, migrants deliberately set a fire in their lodgings. The inhabitants become increasingly aggressive as the fire is extinguished - one arrest.original police report Wernau (Neckar)
08.01.2017 Syrian male (23) follows a 23-year-old woman. Punching her in the face, he pulls her off the road and climbs on top of her. The woman's father manages to overwhelm the offender and retrain him until arrival of the police. He's brought before a magistrate.original police report Kleve
08.01.2017 An asylum-seeker from Nigeria (33 y.o.) threatens a 52-year-old security worker at his refugee shelter with a knife. He hits and injures two police officers who were summoned to the scene, by kicking and punching them so hard, that they can not continue their shift. Altogether 7 police patrol cars and 1 police dog were deployed.original police report Wolfschlugen
08.01.2017 A North African male are becomes increasingly obtrusive towards a 22-year-old woman. He tries several times to grab the woman's breasts as well as her buttocks and to kiss her. The 22-year-old managed to ward off the man and fled.original police report Stuttgart
08.01.2017 Asylum seeker (20) attacks train staff as they are about to check his ticket. Police officers lay charges not only on the grounds of fraudulent acquisition of services and assault but also because of illegal possession of narcotics.original police report Bad Vilbel
08.01.2017 Iraqi (22) forces a 24-year-old woman into a toilet cubicle and locks the door. The woman turns away as he repeatedly gropes her breast. The woman ultimately managed to escape from the cubicle and inform security. The security personnel held the man until the arrival of police at the discotheque.original police report Bad Segeberg
09.01.2017 Two North Africans and two dark-skinned men (presumably Black Africans) insult a passer-by (35) and beat him up. When a witness intervenes, the perpetrators fleeoriginal police report Gifhorn
09.01.2017 Four Arab-looking men (approx. 20 y.o.) insult a young woman (25), who was waiting at a bus stop, and grab her by the breast. As a car approaches, the perpetrators flee.original police report Weiterstadt
09.01.2017 An Indian male (35) rampages in a shopping mall. After verbally abusing customers, he was escorted outside, where he was taken into custody by police. During the subsequent inspection by the officers, he became increasingly aggressive and struck out at the police. Criminal proceedings were initiated against him on the charge of resisting law enforcement officers.original police report Filderstadt
10.01.2017 Store detectives observe a 40-year-old Algerian male trying to steal 400 euros worth of perfume. A short time later they attempted to detain the man - he resisted violently and tried to bite and kick the detectives. He was ultimately taken into police custodyoriginal police report Gießen
10.01.2017 During a dispute at an asylum seekers' shelter a Pakistani male (27) punches one of his countrymen (30) in the face and goes at him with a knife He was arrested. The arrest warrant was applied for on the grounds of suspicion of attempted murder.original police report Donauwörth
10.01.2017 A Tunisian (28) and a Moroccan male (27) were caught shoplifting and handed over to the police. The Tunisian was found to be in possession of hashish and the Moroccan of a backpack with stolen goods from other stores.original police report Sigmaringen
11.01.2017 An Algerian male (31) is arrested by a plainclothes officer after selling drugs. After frisking the man, the investigators confiscated probable dealer cash and a mobile phone. He was taken before a magistrate.original police report Stuttgart
11.01.2017 North African male (approx.20) gropes a 30-year-old woman in a train. He then sits down opposite the woman and masturbates. He is being sought by police.original police report Gelnhausen
11.01.2017 A Somalian male (20) stabs a Pakistani (21) for no apparent reason and injures him. He was arrested. Investigations were initiated on charges of an attempted homicide.original police report Amerang
11.01.2017 Five young men (15-20) from Afghanistan and Egypt steal high-quality men's clothing worth 800 euros from a department store - their backpacks have been completely lined with aluminium foil to prevent the alarmoriginal police report München
12.01.2017 The dwellings of three Somali citizens (22, 23, 23 y.o. ) were searched. The men were alleged to have purchased online tickets from German Railways with illegally acquired credit card data, resulting in approximately 30,000 euros in damagesoriginal police report München
12.01.2017 Dark-skinned man (English-speaking) harasses a 17-year-old girl, pressures her and touches her indecently, despite her protests - the girl is able to tear herself away and escapeoriginal police report Crailsheim
12.01.2017 A Somalian male (19) is observed committing a backpack theft and is arrested. The 19-year-old is known to police. He had already attained notoriety due to similar offenses. After processing by police the man was released.original police report Fulda
12.01.2017 Somali(18) tries to snatch the mobile phone from an 11-year-old girl. The stuggle and cries for help from the 11-year-old alert a witness who rushed to scene. He was able to detain the suspect until the arrival of the police. He is being taken before a magistrateoriginal police report Karlsruhe
14.01.2017 Somali national (21) sexually harasses a young woman (19) in a train by groping her under her jacket - federal police officers were able to arrest the perpetrator, who also did not have a valid ticket.original police report Hanau
14.01.2017 Algerian (25) arrested for the theft of goods worth several hundred euros. He goes berserk in his cell, destroying the furniture, insulting police officers, attempting to injure them and calling them racists.original police report Karlsruhe
14.01.2017 27-year-old Gambian asylum seeker leaves narcotics in his room for two girls (15,15) - more drugs are found during a room search - an arrest warrant was issued against man, who was already well know to police.original police report Karlsruhe
15.01.2017 Iranian male (27) violently tries to force a 43-year-old brothel employee to have sex against her will. After being banned from the premises he returned, intending to attack the 56-year old brothel operator with a knife. Unsuccessful, he fled and was later arrested. He was remanded in custody.original police report Nürtingen
15.01.2017 22-year-old Moroccan is disturbed during a break-in, restrained and handed over to police. Stolen goods from a pick-pocketing incident found on him were returned to the owner. In addition, he was carrying a stolen cellphone. Arrest warrant was issued.original police report Ibbenbüren
15.01.2017 Five Syrian children or rather teenagers (11-14) sexually harasses two girls (12, 13) at a public pool - they werre touched indecently while in the dressing rooms - police were later able to identify the perpetratorsoriginal police report Krefeld
15.01.2017 Syrian (33) steals smartphone from a sleeping passenger on a suburban train - the smartphone from a further victim was also found when he was captured - three further thefts were attributed to him following evaluating of security videos.original police report Hamburg
15.01.2017 26-year-old Eritrean is caught with an invalid ticket. This led to a tussle. As he struggled on the ground with a member of the Railway Security Service he apparently pulled the truncheon out of the 39-year-old's holster and tried to attack her and her 19-year old colleague. original police report Poing