Refugee crimes in Germany (01.08.2016 - 31.08.2016)

All cases mentioned originate from reliable sources (police reports, among others) and have previously been checked by us for their authenticity. This list is incomplete and reveals only a small extract of all crimes that happen on German streets every day. Due to a lack of translators, at the moment we can only provide a subset of all crimes in English.

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01.08.2016 - 31.08.2016
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Date Crime City
01.08.2016 Two Black Africans belonging to a group of five men approach an 18-year-old female uninvited by dancing closely and touching her inappropriately. The young woman is able to escape, the immediately initiated search remains without results.original police report Winterbach
01.08.2016 An intoxicated male Gambian (30) besets a woman and grabs her breasts. When helpers and policemen intervene he berates and insults them grossly. The sex offender has already been released.original police report Heidelberg
02.08.2016 A male Afghan (21) breaks into the same house on three consecutive days. The 78-year-old female proprietor calls the police - for lack of grounds for detaining him he is released again.original police report Hamburg
02.08.2016 After having stolen money from an offering box as well as a bicycle, three male Bosnian asylum seekers (16, 17, 19) set a garden shed on fire. Criminal investigation department is investigating.original police report Karlsruhe
03.08.2016 An Afghan man (26) sexually harasses a girl (11) and her friend in a water park several times. He swims after the girl, grabs at her and "brushes" her. When the man doesn't leave the girls alone they contact the life guard.original police report Arnsberg
03.08.2016 A male asylum seeker (22) steals a valuable bicycle - he doesn't know the right digits to open the combination lock. He explains to police that he had found the bicycle and thought he could take it with him.original police report Braunschweig
03.08.2016 In an asylum center four Kosovars (aged 20 to 26) beat and kick two compatriots because they had consumed porc and alcohol. Police give them a sending-off.original police report Escheburg
04.08.2016 A male Syrian (20) threatens bikers and a pedestrian with a knife - while on the run he attacks more people and damages a car. Police arrest the man.original police report Herxheim bei Landau (Pfalz)
04.08.2016 Two male asylum seekers from Tunisia (18) and Algeria (28) insult a female conductor and travellers in a train in a very aggressive manner. Police arrest both men but set them free again.original police report Reiskirchen
05.08.2016 A 22-year-old Afghan asylum seeker is found guilty of sexual harassment of an 18-year-old female after analysis of video recording - he is accused of three more cases.original police report Butzbach
05.08.2016 Six Arab men hit a 15-year-old male with fists and tree branches and leave the severly injured juvenile lying on the ground - paramedics take the victim to hospital.original police report Vaihingen an der Enz
05.08.2016 original police report Donaueschingen
06.08.2016 In a refugee hostel a male asylum seeker (29) hits the head of an 8-year-old child with a stone. Victim is transferred to a children's hospital. The criminal was set free.original police report Aschaffenburg
07.08.2016 A male Iraqi asylum seeker (19) pursues a young woman (21) and sexually offends her. When she intends to unlock her apartment door, he grabs her crotch under her dress. The police arrest him but release him after having recorded his identification papers.original police report Heidelberg
07.08.2016 A female juvenile jogger is being sexually harassed by a North African male (ca. 25) - he puts himself in her way, besets her and makes suggestive remarks. When the juvenile asks a cyclist for help the offender runs away.original police report Schliengen
08.08.2016 Seven male Gambians and one Pakistani are arrested during a police raid in refugee accommodations due to drug trafficking. Police confiscated drugs and several thousand Euros dealer money.original police report Kirchheim unter Teck
08.08.2016 A Nigerian (33) intends to order an Albanian (31) off his accommodation as the latter doesn't reside there. At that, the Albanian fetches a knife from the kitchen and tries to stab the Nigerian - he gets arrested.original police report Meschede
10.08.2016 A female employee with the Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) is being verbally sexually offended and harassed by a Nigerian asylum seeker (27) - once she asks for help the police officers are being massively insulted, too.original police report Essen
10.08.2016 An intoxicated Afghan (22) grabs the bottom of a British woman, insults her, spits at her and exposes his genitals in front of her. The abuser has been subjected to arraignment.original police report München
11.08.2016 An Iranian man (28), known to police in many cases, breaks into a house. When the police apprehends the perpetrator he still carries stolen golden jewellry. Nevertheless he does not confess, so he is being released again.original police report Nordhorn
11.08.2016 A Syrian man (35) riots in an asylum center. He bangs his head against a car, destroys a window and attacks a security guard with a knife. Arrest and relocation to another asylum center.original police report Donaueschingen
12.08.2016 In an asylum center an intoxicated Iraqi (34) stabs a compatriot - victim is in intensive care because of live-threatening condition. Attacker has been taken into custody.original police report Landsberg am Lech
14.08.2016 A Moroccan (25) previously known to the police breaks into a house, steals a playstation and a laptop, then steals a Mercedes out of the garage and causes an accident (amount of loss 3.000 Euros). He shows extreme aggression towards police officers, apart from that he's been under the influence of drugs.original police report Bocholt
14.08.2016 Three asylum seekers (21, 29, 39) steal a mobile phone from the backpack of a 21-year-old man. Then they hit his face with their fists. The police arrest the criminals in their asylum center.original police report Nürtingen
14.08.2016 In a refugee camp two Iraqi men (20, 15) stab a Syrian and one of the security guards with a knife. The attackers are being brought before a judge due to aggravated battery.original police report Schopfheim
14.08.2016 Family dispute in a refugee camp: A Serb (40) stabs his wife (35) with a knife and injures her seriously. Security hold the offender down until the arrival of the police.original police report Freiburg im Breisgau
14.08.2016 Two Serbs (16, 21) steal a purse from a woman. When her husband confronts them, the criminals strike at him - then they flee into an asylum center.original police report Bestensee
15.08.2016 Two Black Africans sell drugs to minors in an asylum center. Moreover, a forged Italian passport is being found. Dealers and minors are being investigated.original police report Rheinfelden (Baden)
15.08.2016 An Arab (dark complexion) exposes himself in front of a 17-year-old girl and rubs his genitals. Police ask for evidence on the fugitive sex offender.original police report Linkenheim-Hochstetten
15.08.2016 A Somali man (25) molests two girls (15, 15) - he embraces them and kisses them on the cheek despite their resistance. In doing so he touches one of the juveniles on her breasts. He is being arrested, but after going through the usual police records measures he is being released again.original police report Weilburg
16.08.2016 Refugee (27) from Somalia is approaching a young woman (19) at the bus stop, he takes away her things and throws them on the ground - as she wants to pick them up, he clasps her from behind - the woman manages to get into safety.original police report Braunfels
16.08.2016 An intoxicated asylum seeker (21) inappropriately touches the buttocks and thighs of three girls (12, 12, 13) in a swimming bath. The pool attendant holds the offender in place until the police arrives. The offender is subjected to a court procedure.original police report Wehrheim
16.08.2016 An Afghan (17) confesses his love to a 16-year-old female asylum seeker, threatens her with a knife so that she marries him. The police believes this to be a situation of exceptional emotional stress. The man is being admitted to a mental institution.original police report Mainz
16.08.2016 In an asylum center six men from Gambia and Senegal sell drugs, even to minors. Apart from other drugs more than 1 kg marijuana is being secured - offenders are in custody.original police report Kirchzarten
17.08.2016 In an water park a "refugee" (22) who's been living in Germany just for a few weeks, performs sexual acts on an 11-year-old boy. He fondles the whole body of the naked child. The sex offender is in custody.original police report Egestorf
17.08.2016 An Iraqi asylum seeker (24) has been driving a Quad under the influence of drugs and without a driver's license. The Quad allegedly belongs to the father of his girl-friend. Furthermore, he carries a stolen iPhone. In the past he already became considerably known to the police.original police report Kiel
17.08.2016 In an asylum center a Nigerian man (31) sexually harasses a Somalian woman (32). The woman pours hot frying fat into his face. The offender suffers third degree burns. He has been flown to a speciality hospital and is in a coma.original police report Holzkirchen
18.08.2016 A knife fight erupted between several Somalis in a refugee accommodation, a 19-year-old received minor injuries, a 29- year-old sustained life-threatening injuries, prompting a homicide investigation.original police report Hamburg
18.08.2016 In a swimming pool an Afghan man (28) gropes a 15-year-old girl inappropriately. The sex offender is being arrested temporarily - witnesses are asked to come forward.original police report Würzburg
19.08.2016 A Syrian asylum seeker (34) together with four other offenders attacks a man (55), pepper-sprays him, robs him of 500 Euros and smashes a bottle of beer on the victim's head. The police arrest the offender who hasn't stayed in his asylum center since January.original police report Frankfurt am Main
20.08.2016 An Afghan refugee (19) uses the crowd in a party tent to touch two young women (20, 21) in their genital areas repeatedly. The Afghan is being arrested but the next morning he is already being released.original police report Hatten
20.08.2016 A group of five to six North Africans (17-19) approach a man (18). Then they beat him up unprovoked - victim is being taken to hospital.original police report Rheine
20.08.2016 An Iraqi man (21) grabs a woman (27) between her legs. The next day the woman recognizes the Iraqi in the inner city. The police arrests the man but releases him after police records measures.original police report Niefern-Öschelbronn
21.08.2016 An Arab man takes a seat on a bench next to a woman. Shortly afterwards he opens his trousers and exposes himself in an immoral way.original police report Aurich
21.08.2016 A young woman (18) is on the move with a Black African man whom she just met before. Suddenly he throws her to the ground and carries out sexual acts on her. Then he runs away.original police report Landshut
22.08.2016 An Iraqi man (29) repeatedly persues two girls (13, 14) and performs exhibitionistic actions in front of them. Police explains to him that he must refrain from such actions.original police report Bestwig
22.08.2016 A 27-year-old Syrian shows himself in an embarrassing way to a female jogger - a few weeks earlier he was arrested for a similar harassment of two women.original police report Ulm
23.08.2016 An Afghan asylum seeker (23) gropes a 12-year-old girl in an outdoor swimming-pool - Police investigations are still ongoing.original police report Murrhardt
23.08.2016 A Syrian asylum seeker (35) repeatedly bothers travellers at a railway station. He ignores the house ban and is extremely aggressive towards police officers. Furthermore, as he tried to hurt himself he was admitted to a mental institution.original police report Braunfels
23.08.2016 An Afghan man (18) beats a girl (13) without reason hard on the back of her head while she is sitting on a staircase with a friend - he shows extreme aggression towards police officers as well. Furthermore, he damaged a mobile phone.original police report Potsdam
24.08.2016 The Federal Police arrest an 18-year-old Moroccan man at the main train station. In his possession he has 18 stolen mobile phones, a camera, women's jewelry and a watch.original police report Bonn
24.08.2016 A Syrian man (20) is being arrested while dealing with drugs - 90 grams of hashish, two mobile phones and 770 Euro dealer money are being secured.original police report Hamburg
24.08.2016 Four asylum seekers (18-28) from Algeria, Syria and Tunisia are being apprehended with a certain amount of hash. One of the offenders was just released a week ago from a six-month imprisonment due to theft and assault. original police report Darmstadt
24.08.2016 A Syrian man (20) asks a Somalian man (41) to clean up the kitchen which the latter had left behind dirty. The Somalian throws a knife after the Syrian and threatens to kill him. Later, he riots in the office of the Security Service and gets arrested. original police report Rüdersdorf bei Berlin
25.08.2016 A group of 10-12 Arab-speaking men threaten a 29-year-old man. They steal his backpack along with his valuables - the man gets slightly injured during the attack. original police report Dietzenbach
25.08.2016 Two Algerian asylum seekers (18, 21) were being observed by officers during attempted theft - the thieves carried additional stolen items with them and were armed. Both have a previous extensive criminal history with the police. original police report Gütersloh
26.08.2016 Three asylum seekers harass three women at a celebration. When the women's companions intervene, the asylum seekers call accomplices who then attack the women's companions with knives and truncheons. The injured are being treated in hospital. The offenders are released by police.original police report Hünfeld
27.08.2016 Three Syrian asylum seekers (ages 14 to 18) rob a clothing store by removing the security tags from the merchandise. After a pursuit the Police is able to arrest all three robbers. Extensive stolen goods are being secured. original police report Reutlingen
27.08.2016 Two Moroccan refugees (33, 26) act provocatively and urinate against a building. When a lady passing by addresses them, she is being physically attacked and insulted - her husband is being hit in the face. original police report Ebstorf
27.08.2016 An asylum seeker from Chad (25) punches his roommate from Cameroon (29) in the face several times, then thrusts the door of the victim with a knife and ends up hurting himself. He is then admitted to the hospital for emergency treatment. original police report Oberkrämer
28.08.2016 A Georgian refugee breaks into a car but is caught by the owner of the vehicle who restrains him until the police arrive. Two hours later the same thief tries to steal a bicycle and gets arrested again. Later on that evening, he is found lying on the railroad tracks, intoxicated. original police report Bad Fallingbostel
28.08.2016 An Algerian (27) and a yet unidentified North African trespass the room of an Egyptian (32) in a shelter and injure him by stabbing him with a knife. Police investigate the case for attempted murder. original police report Spenge
28.08.2016 Two immigrants from Algeria (21) and Morocco (17) beat up another young man (19). They continue kicking him when he is already lying on the ground. Police arrest the two perpetrators soon afterwards and put them in prison. original police report Steinheim
29.08.2016 A man, 22, from Gambia by his own account, chases a woman (21) in a supermarket, addresses compliments to her in English, grabs her hair, embraces her and gropes her bottom. Then he points to a shelf saying "condoms". When the woman reaches for her phone he walks away, laughing.original police report Hockenheim
29.08.2016 Asylum seekers sexually harass a woman. While on the run towards their asylum center an Iraqi (18) beats an innocent bystander (18). When the mother of the latter comes to his defence she is being threatened by a knife.original police report Groß-Zimmern
29.08.2016 An Eritrean (19) insults a girl (16) and grabs her breasts. Two passers-by (24, 32) rush to help the schoolgirl and are being slightly injured in the following scuffle. The 32-year-old helper now has to answer for suspicion of aggravated battery!original police report Kempten (Allgäu)
30.08.2016 Three Iraqis (21, 24, 31) attack two Syrians (28, 31) with a knife and iron bar, at their accommodation. The two victims are seriously wounded. The attackers are arrested by the police and taken to a correctional facility. original police report Simbach am Inn
30.08.2016 An Algerian man (27) pretends to be picking up personal belongings at the apartment of his ex-girlfriend (22). As he enters the apartment forcefully he rapes her, afterwards intimidating her even more by beating her. Police arrest him and admit him to prison. original police report Backnang
30.08.2016 An Iraqi (36) tries to seduce a girl (16) after consuming alcohol with her in a Club and taking her into his quarters afterwards. He then forces her to perform sexual acts. Police later arrest the suspect, but release him as there are no grounds for detention. The girl received medical treatment.original police report Würzburg
30.08.2016 A 31-year-old Eritrean man sexually abuses a 9-year-old Eritrean boy. The sex offender was arrested and sent to prison.original police report Kumhausen